Most of the activities of WLS are carried out through participation in our committees. All members are encouraged to join a committee to get the most out of WLS membership.

Career Advancement and Retention advises the board and WLS members on matters relating to career advancement and retention in the Sacramento legal community and on general matters relating to advancement and retention in the legal profession.  In addition, the Committee offers a mentor/mentee program for WLS members, as well as an annual series of brown bag lunches on career-related topics.  Click here to sign up as a mentor.

Development organizes and conducts fundraising activities to benefit the WLS Foundation. The chair or co-chair of the committee maintains the books and accounts of the properties and transactions of the WLS Foundation, and delivers financial statements and reports to the members of the board.

Grants and Awards makes recommendations to the board for law school scholarships and financial grants to community organizations. The Committee establishes criteria for scholarships and grants, subject to approval by the board; disseminates information about WLS scholarships and grants; receives and reviews applications; and makes recommendations to the board concerning recipients and amounts. Scholarships and grants shall be funded by the WLS Foundation, subject to an annual budget approved by the board. The committee also recommends for board consideration and approval any annual or special awards presented by the organization, including the Frances Newell Carr Award.  For information on how to apply for a community grant, see the WLS 2018 call for grants.  For information about our scholarships, click here.

Judicial Appointments evaluates the qualifications of persons seeking judicial positions upon the request of the applicant. The committee also searches for and recruits WLS members and non-members, who endorse WLS goals, for judicial positions in the state and federal trial and appellate courts having jurisdiction in Sacramento and neighboring counties. The committee educates, trains and assists these individuals, and provides follow-up assistance, if requested, to those candidates whom WLS has evaluated as qualified, well-qualified, or exceptionally well-qualified.

Legislation and Bar Delegations advises the board and members of legislation and court decisions of concern to women lawyers. Subject to board approval, the committee adopts criteria for supporting or opposing legislation, ballot measures, and proposals before the Conference of Delegates. Subject to board approval, the committee also selects delegates to conventions or statewide meetings in which the organization participates.

Membership conducts an annual membership drive, keeps records pertaining to membership, sends dues notices to members, receives dues paid, delivers dues monies to the treasurer, and distributes a membership roster to all members.

Newsletter publishes and disseminates a monthly newsletter to members.

Programs arranges for the regular meetings of the members, including securing a speaker or speakers, taking reservations and greeting members as they arrive.

Publicity and Community Relations issues, subject to board approval, information and press releases regarding the organization and its activities, and organizes and participates in activities benefiting the local community.  To contact the Publicity and Community Relations Committee, email