About Women Lawyers of Sacramento

Mission Statement

Women Lawyers of Sacramento supports and encourages every woman lawyer in her career aspirations and helps promote a society that places no limits on where a woman’s skills and talent can take her.  Women Lawyers of Sacramento dedicates itself to (1) promoting the full andequal participation of women lawyers and judges in the legal profession, (2) maintaining the integrity of our legal system by advocating principles of fairness and equal access to justice, (3) improving the status of women in our society and (4) advocating for equal rights, reproductive choice, equal opportunity and pay for women, and current social, political, economic, or legal issues of concern to the members of Women Lawyers of Sacramento.


Women Lawyers of Sacramento is premised on the belief that women deserve equal rights, respect and opportunities in the workplace and in society at large.  Women Lawyers of Sacramento endeavors to support and enhance the participation and representation of women in significant leadership and management positions in the legal profession.  Women Lawyers of Sacramento also strives to eliminate all forms of bias, discrimination, and harassment, including all forms of violence against women and children, and supports diversity in the legal profession, in legal education, and in society in general.  We work toward these goals through mentoring, legislative and administrative advocacy, community service, networking, educational seminars, and open forums of discussion focused on advancing and supporting women. In general

Founded in 1962, WLS reaches beyond the practice of law by promoting the interests of women in the community. We advocate for legislative changes to benefit women and children, support qualified candidates for judicial and other public appointments, and sponsor events to provide our members with opportunities to meet other attorneys, judges and legislators.

WLS offers monthly luncheons and other programs featuring well-known speakers on a range of topics such as glass ceiling issues, sexual harassment, judicial independence, civility and health care reform. Our annual Supreme Court reception honors the justices of our state’s highest court, while our judicial and legislative receptions honor judges and legislators. WLS also encourages qualified women to seek judicial and other public appointments and supports legislation promoting the interests of women and children. We offer a monthly electronic newsletter with current legal issues, member achievements, upcoming events and job opportunities. We engage in community outreach and work with other Unity Bar organizations on a variety of issues.

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